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Ramnagar Hills - have been to this place for three times and yet not bored of it even a bit !! Had known about this place from Joy(my colleague&friend at E&Y ) and went along with his friends for the first visit as well !

Ramnagar is located off Mysore road and apparently it is said that a part of the movie "SHOLAY" was shot there. It is about 45kms approx away from Bangalore towards mysore road.Its an awesome destination for the treckers i say ! Ramnagar Village has two attractions , one being the Ramnagar hills and the other is Janapada Loka ( Folk stuff like handicrafts& all portraying the typical Karnataka folk culture).

The Ramnagar Hills or Ramadevara Betta ( Lord Rama Hill) a.k.a the SHOLAY hills :D

View from Ramdevara Betta

It has 4 hills linked together of which i felt 3 are risky ( only for me but the expert trekkers can try their hands on ) and 1 i.e the ramadevara betta (the main hill) is easy to climb since there are steps(around 400) and after the steps we reached a flat land were the temple is situated which has many local devotees visiting.

I have climbed up the ramadevara betta through the stairs and had always been last one to reach the top :( im a bad sport ! The stairs to the Ramdevara betta leads to a temple and from there you can climb up further through carved like steps and a iron rod for support and this is almost 70 degrees inclined i guess ( i dint try this because getting down is very scary ). My friends have climbed up and said that they could get a real beautiful view of the surrounding landscapes and the huge grass makes it more amazing to just sit and enjoy the peacefull view.

Entrance to the main hill -Ramadevra Betta(Ramadevara hill)-approx 400 steps

The steps leads to the temple of Lord Rama

My dear Sis in the small mantap kind off structure opposite to the temple.

On the right of the temple .

The hill above the temple & the tiny object thingy visible on the hill in the pic is my friend Mr Basu :P

Carved steps to reach the top of the hill seen in the previous pic :) (its scary)

The TOP !!!  Awesomness :) That is Mr Basu again :)

In the first visit we trecked another hill just opposite to the main hill but it was very risky as it was full bushes,thorns etc and there was no paved way as such. However after we reached half the hill we were stopped by local people who were collecting honey from the huge honey bee hives in the hills so had to get back and i was glad becuase i was totally exhausted and almost dying :P

First Visit - The hill opposite to Rama temple. Was quite a difficult task to climb this hill.But the view was worth all of it :)

It is not a very isolated place as you can spot many local farmers grazing their goats on the way to the hill top. Also because of the Temple ,the place attracts a good number of tourists but yet it is not crowded at all !

Happy Me :)

Once you are done with all the climbing, trecking etc. only thing you would want is good food and this can be got from a near by restuarant named "KAMAT" (Bangaloreans should have been familiar of this name :)).However this kamat is much better compared to the ones within the city.I love the food here.

Now when the tummies are satisfied and you still have some time left before the sun sets then you can head to the scenic "KANVA Reservoir" which is further ahead to Kamat hotel on Mysore road.
(Any localite would help you find it)

The Kanva Reservoir is beautiful place during the sunset.You can drive down into the waters, park your car or bike and relax watching the sunset.The local fishermen can be found around and you can ask them for a boat ride but remember to nogiate before getting into or they might act fussy after the ride by asking unreasonable fare(we had a tough time on our last visit).

Super Cool right !!!
The First trip :)

Yea...i tried my hands on :) Rowing is fun :D

It was fun except for the fact that the boat was smelling of fish :(

I have seen families cooking food right there and having a gala time on weekends.
There are ways to reach all three sides of the lake and its pretty easyto spot as well.

Bidding Bye to the waters :)

Done with all then hit the Mysore road again and straight to the city :D If you are hungry there area a lot of food stops like CCD and all on the way back :)


Route : Bangalore > Bidadi >Ramnagar Village > Kanwa Reservoir
Distance from Bangalore to Ramnagar Village   : 45 Kms approx
Distance from Ramnagar to Kanwa Reservoir    : 15 Kms approx
Distance from Ramnagar hills to Kamat  Hotel   : 5 kms approx

Happy Trekking !!!


  1. Awesomeness yet again... Thank god I have been to one if these :) my pic was surprising ;) kepp going dear sis .. use work is great :)

  2. Keep going dear sis.. ur work is great !!

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